The Dark Side of TikTok
The Dark Side of TikTok – TikTok: Eating disorders, racism, censorship and distorted realities. This documentary is about the dark side of the social media app TikTok. The video talks about how TikTok can be addictive and can negatively affect mental health, especially for young people. It also discusses privacy concerns about the app collecting user data.
The Dark Side of TikTok

The video introduces Rory Eliza, a young woman who is a full-time TikTok influencer. Rory makes a living by posting videos on the app and has millions of followers. She talks about how she dropped out of school to pursue TikTok full-time.

The video also talks about the potential dangers of TikTok. It claims that the app can lead to eating disorders and depression. It also discusses concerns that the Chinese government may be collecting user data through the app.

The video concludes by raising questions about the impact of TikTok on young people and society as a whole. It suggests that more research is needed to understand the app’s full effects.

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