Anglican bishop No-religion census campaign is quite frankly bizarre


Anglican bishop No-religion census campaign is quite frankly bizarre. Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Dr Michael Stead says he finds it “bizarre” that there needs to be a concerted campaign by the Rationalist Society, atheists and the like to try and dissuade people from saying they are religious in the census.

“Frankly I find it somewhat bizarre that there should be a campaign to tell people how to fill in the census,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“I would’ve thought it would be up to each individual to work out for themselves how they wanted to identify.

“That there needs to be a campaign to persuade people to do otherwise is, as I said, frankly bizarre.

“It would be strange enough if it were the religious groups campaigning.

“But to have a group that’s funded by the Rationalist Society and the Sydney atheists and various other groups actively campaigning to persuade religious people to record something otherwise … I can’t remember a time when somebody has done that in relation to a census.”

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