Pollen Ndlanya do not to expect handouts from the likes of Irvin Khoza


Pollen Ndlanya tells ex-players not to expect handouts from the likes of Irvin Khoza and offers advice to ex-pros who are struggling to find work.

Ndlanya is one those former PSL stars who has managed to stay on his feet after retirement, but there are many stories of ex-pros who have gone broke after football.

Others are also struggling to find jobs within the game they used to play, such as the sad story of Willem Vries who was working as a gardner for Bloemfontein Celtic until he became ill.

Amaglug-glug hero Daniel Matsau also revealed to this website recently that he is unemployed today, 20 years after sending South Africa to the Sydney Olympics.

There are many other examples of former pros who are struggling financially today.

“I always tell the other legends who are struggling – my man, use your name, your name still counts,” Ndlanya told KickOff.com.

“If you can go here and there and knock they will help you. Forget about the football people because they don’t want us and they don’t like us.

“You can’t just stay and wait for the likes of Irvin [Khoza] and the rest to give you a call… they will never do that, in fact they will laugh at you! Those are the politics we have in football.

“Leave football to the footballers and politics to the politicians. Why do you have to hire a strikers coach at Pirates and leave Jerry Sikhosana?

“You bring someone from overseas… a white person? You leave someone who brought you a trophy, Africa Cup? It doesn’t make sense.

“Look at the Derby, do you watch the Derby? In the suites you won’t find a Pollen or a Jerry… people who played this game, the legends. They are not being invited.

“The only thing you will see there are the politicians and their girlfriends. The game is playing, and the girlfriends are busy on WhatsApp.”

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