Siya Kolisi Recognized in Time Magazine’s Prestigious Time100 List for 2024

Siya Kolisi Recognized in Time Magazine’s Prestigious Time100 List for 2024

Siya Kolisi has claimed another illustrious honour by being named on Time Magazine’s Time100 list for 2024. The two-time Rugby World Cup-winning Springbok captain joins his icon, the late president Nelson Mandela.

Siya Kolisi

According to IOL, the 100-year-old American news magazine unveiled its annual list.

Kolisi’s narrative, spanning from the hardships of the Zwide township to Rugby World Cup victory in 2019, initially caught the sporting world’s eye four years ago.

Yet, it’s his humility, philanthropic efforts beyond the field, and his recent captaincy leading the Springboks to a record fourth World Cup title that have propelled him to global icon status.

The former Sharks and Stormers player is the first Black Springbok captain and has become a national icon, carving out an incredible career despite facing the immense challenges of poverty early on in his life.

Time Magazine recognised Kolisi as an ‘innovator,’ placing him among a select group of global sports stars for their international impact in the past year. He shares this prestigious list with luminaries such as Super Bowl-winning Patrick Mahomes, three-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen, and Spanish women’s football world champion Jenni Hermoso.

Fellow South African Trevor Noah authored Kolisi’s entry for Time Magazine. The publication highlighted that ‘(Kolisi) has been the embodiment of hope during a time in which many South Africans find it hard to hold on to any.’

‘Through political strife, an energy crisis, and the effects of Covid-19, Siya has made rugby into something more than just a competition. His multiple victories, the country’s victories, have meant so much.’

‘Through his wisdom and humility, Siya has taught us that a powerful captain should be someone who serves and inspires those he leads. And for him to lead a team in a historically white sport, to be loved and adored by fans of all races, is an immense achievement.’

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