Woolworths launches tap and go shopping in store

Woolworths launches ‘tap and go’ shopping in store

Woolworths launches tap and go shopping in store. Retailer Woolworths plans to launch Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled stores in South Africa.

Using NFC, the same technology pioneered in the banking world through tappable cards, Woolworths’ customers will be able to tap their phones on NFC tags in various locations in-store, to browse, try on, and order products.

NFC capabilities facilitate wireless communication between a user’s phone and a chip reader to augment and streamline the shopping experience for consumers.

Woolworths said that it will pilot launch the technology in its beauty segment, before expanding to other departments.

“During Covid-19, customers have been unable to use tester products in-store,” it said. “Now, by simply tapping their phones to an NFC tag in-store, customers can quickly test products digitally and either purchase in-store or on their phones for delivery later.

“Additionally, for stores that don’t stock the full range of beauty products, by tapping on NFC tags customers can access the full range of products online, essentially creating a virtual ‘endless aisle’.”

Woolworths said that NFC tagging is currently in pilot in beauty stores at the V&A Waterfront and Table Bay Mall and in WCellar stores in Nicolway and Sandton.

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